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One of my favorite sayings is go big or go home. I am a firm believer that the bigger the better, but is that statement always true when it comes to fashion? Well, when it comes to fashion it seems to be more a yes than no. Allow me to introduce the oversized blazer. This very classic chic piece has been hot for decades. From the 80’s to now the oversized blazer has been a style statement piece; the “oversized” blazer is also known as the boyfriend blazer.

I love to express my style with articles that are bold and different. My current obsession is oversized blazers; substituting the standard fitted blazer and going up a size, to bigger, longer, wider, broader oversized blazers. Yes please!!!

The truth is that in order to pull this look off ladies, you need a certain kind of swag, attitude and of course your own personal touch. That said there are some style tips to follow to make this chic look work for you.

Style Tip #1

It’s all about details, details, details: from head to toe, hair to makeup, shoes, bags, accessories. Adding a bit of jazz to your chic look with these is what sets you apart and completes the look.

Style Tip # 2

Keep at least one item of your look fitted (trousers, jeans, skirts, dress or top) to create a balance in the silhouette. Think like an architect. This is a must ladies. Show them curves.

Style Tip # 3

Another trick to pull off an oversized blazer is playing with lengths. Opting for longer is a fab way to dress for a posh evening out, a cocktail party and so on, but it’s also inspiring to see how great this look can be by pairing it up with a mini skirt, shorts, or short dress. Sizes in this case can be fitted, cause you’re playing with lengths, which will create a visual balance.

Style Tips #4

For chicness and sophistication purposes you can consider: rolled up sleeves, wearing a pair of heels, using a belt over it, using a bold pop of color, adding a clutch and or adding statement accessories, and so on.

Style Tip #5

Fashion is about something that comes from within you. Remember self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it. Confidence is the key that will complete your outfit and make you strikingly beautiful.

TOP: Asos | CROP TOP: Forever21 | BOTTOM: Express |HEELS: Express |SUNGLASSES: Forever 21

Quote of the day:

Do the best you until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.




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