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As a teenager I would spend so much time flipping through every magazine possible. I remember spending hours making collages, reading through articles, and attempting to follow every beauty tutorial I came across. Since then, I’ve taken my collaging digital Pinterest obviously (I am a little obsessed) and my tutorials to Instagram, but I still love a good editorial-style beauty list. I’ve compiled 30 beauty hacks that are genius. While some come directly from me, there are a ton of new ideas that I have gathered from my research and recommendations, and I’ll be trying ASAP.

1. Put extra serum, lotion, etc on the back of your hands.

2. Sunscreen on your hands, especially if you spend a lot of time driving.

3. Shave daily for the ultimate exfoliation.

4. Try your best to sleep on your back to avoid face and chest wrinkles. A silk pillowcase can also help with this since it’s more delicate on your skin.

5. Don't forget the neck when applying skincare products and apply in upward motions.

6. A budget-friendly hydration hack apply Aquaphor to your lips, under eyes, and eyelids.

7. To make scent last longer put Vaseline on the areas you put your perfume, then spray.

8. Dermaplane followed by lactic acid = skin glows for days!

9. Makeup hack: use eyeshadow as a lip color (just mix with lip balm).

10. Mix salt + Aquaphor for a cheap lip scrub.

11. For less puffiness on your face, do a quick facial massage as you apply your morning skincare products. My favorite.

12. I love to keep face masks and an ice roller in the fridge for de-puffing. I personally have been loving these for the eye area.

13. Hair mask 1 a week for healthy hair goals.

14. Apply 4 tbsp of coconut oil on your hair 1x a week and leave it on for 2 hours.

15. Tint your eyebrows for a more natural look instead of drawing them out. I use this.

16. Don't have lash primer simple trick is to dust a little translucent powder on your lashes before applying mascara and it will give your lashes more volume.

17. For dry mascara simply pour a few drops of saline solution to revive a dry mascara tube.

18. Do a lip scrub to make your lips look more plump.

19. Use your highlighter on your collarbones and shoulders for a sexy, flattering look all over.

20. Want the softest feet ever? Before going to bed, rub coconut oil or Aquaphor on your feet and then sleep with socks on.

21. Boil water and stand in front to allow the steam to open your pores and then apply skincare products.

22. Apply eye cream before any serums because they are typically too harsh for that sensitive skin.

23. Gently press a cotton pad with makeup remover into your closed eyes at night instead of rubbing / pulling on the delicate skin. Eyes area is very sensitive.

24. Gua sha (facial massage tool) before bed! If done properly this can help with lymphatic drainage as well.

25. Place eye cream not only around your eyes but around your mouth as well. This helps with wrinkles that form there.

26. Want white teeth- skip the expensive whitening trays at the dentist and use Crest White Strips every couple weeks instead.

27. For a perfect makeup finish apply translucent power right after skincare prep and then apply your foundation!

28. Wait 30 seconds between applying skincare products to make sure they absorb.

29. Wet your Beauty Blender before applying foundation, concealer, etc for a dewy and more natural finish.

30. For lash growth use this and or castor oil for natural alternative. It’s the best.

What can you add to the list?


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