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Fall’s is in full effect, it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe and make sure that it’s as ready for this season as you are. What exactly does that mean? Well, beyond the regular basics you should have year-round, there are certain pieces, such as a chunky knit or boots, that you need when transitioning into cooler temperatures.

As such, today we’ve brought you the only checklist you need to cover all your Fall essentials needs. Scroll down to see and save our handy checklist, take note of what you already have, and shop our picks for what you don’t! (Click on image to shop)

Fall checklist

Fall Fabrics

There’s an old axiom in fashion: there’s no bad weather so long as you dress the right way. So many of us get caught up in the idea of attractive and fashionable clothes (which is not a bad thing) that we forget their original purpose: to keep us comfortable and sheltered from the elements (our picks below meets both objectives, they are stylish and purposeful). Let's start off with cotton, cotton is something of a “universal” fabric material. It can be used to make hot weather items…but it can also be used for comfortable colder layers, such as denim. As discussed through my Discover Cotton experience, cotton is everywhere, it is truly the fabric of our lives. As for the leather and velvet it starts to be essential as well and a lot of designers use them to make pieces for Fall. Here are fabrics you should be rocking this Fall.




Our moto jacket pick

A leather jacket is a must for Fall, perfect for layering and adding to almost any Fall look.

Our blazer pick

A forever go to that will change your outfit to a sophisticated approach.

Our trench coat pick

Trench coats are a Fall staple.

Our coat pick

A plaid coat can instantly make you look like the most stylish person in the room.



Our oxford shirt pick

A oxford shirt is the definition of a staple piece.

Our chunky knit sweater pick

Chunky sweaters are a go to during Fall.

Our plaid shirt pick

Plaid shirts will never die, they will continue to evolve.

Our turtleneck pick

Turtleneck perfect for layering.



Our trousers pick

Trousers paired with sneakers or heels you can't go wrong.

Our midi skirt pick

Silk midi skirt super trendy Fall piece.

Our leather leggings pick

Leather legging every fashion girl wants.

Our dark-washed jeans pick

Dark-washed denim always a great choice.



Our booties pick

A pair of booties that won't go out of style.

Our scarf pick

Such a great accessory to complete your look.

Our hat pick

Felt hats are classic and timeless.

Our headband pick

This headband comes in 8 different colors so stock up. Headbands Fall's " It " accessory.

Our knee high boots pick

Knee high boots, who said they have to be boring ? Obsessed.

Let's have fun and put everything together!

Here are some excellent inspo for you to start:

Fall is about the textiles and colors. Everything is changing and so should you! This checklist is your guide to quality over quantity this Fall. Have fun and be strikingly beautiful you!


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