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Hey guys, Happy Monday!

I was literally SO excited to do this shoot. How cute is my patriotic outfit?? The Fourth of July holds some of my dearest memories from my childhood. My parents always tried to make it special and taught me and my brothers how to be a proud, patriotic Latin American's and to honor those who sacrifice so much for this great country that I am blessed to call home.

Searching for the perfect 4th of July outfit? Whether you’re attending a BBQ or snuggling up with your babe during a fabulous firework display, the Fourth of July is all about showing off your patriotic pride and of course… layering on the red, white and blue. Although the holiday has a restricted color palette it still lends to unlimited styling possibilities. I went for the classic white shirt with the edgy distressed jean skirt and added fun accessories this year to stand out.

Since I decided to go classic I wanted to spice it up a notch, as you all know there’s nothing I love more than statement pieces to take a causal outfit to another level.- I am an accessory feen. Pairing a simple classic white shirt with statement pieces like Chris Copenhagen- Axel Torv is the perfect way to make a statement and complete any look. I must add that I love the blue and tan leather combo- total game changer. The watch is stylish, chic and minimalist making it truly timeless.

I hope you have fun, look fabulous and most importantly stay safe this 4th of July.

Do you plan to rock red, white, and blue this Fourth of July?


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