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Your decor tells a story and tells who you are? Coffee table books are a statement and styling your home with them can add that perfect finishing touch you’ve been missing. I think they not only add a nice touch of design, but are also one of the easiest ways to fill a space. I've curated my favorite coffee table books for you.

Best of: Interior Design

Need a little interior inspiration? Instead of scrolling on Pinterest or Instagram, pick up a coffee table book on the subject! So much inspiration in books.

Best of: Neutrals Books

Love neutral books. Sometimes a bright covered book is simply too distracting in your space, pick up a book with a simple, neutral cover. The simple covers will draw you in and are perfect for stacking books to achieve an all around neutral aesthetic look.

Best of: Black & White Books

Black and white never goes out of style, let's be honest. Bring a classic, timeless, bold touch to your living space with a black and white coffee table book.

Best of: Fashion

Show off your incredible style with a fashion forward book. Great for fashion inspiration.

Best of: Food & Drink

I love to bring books into the kitchen and style these scrumptious reads on an open shelf or cook book stand to really make an impact in the kitchen.

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