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Let's start off by saying I am not a reader, however recently I’ve been working on creating habits. I've been doing a lot of soul searching, girl bossing, working on my fitness and overall happiness.

Have you ever felt like you were just meant to do something spectacular? I have and if you have too it is time to work on you. I am so guilty of wasting time on unnecessary things that do not matter. Watching stories on Instagram, scrolling through the feeds on social media, and watching TV all day. We all do it at some point and that is totally ok, however when this becomes your automatic go to thing to do in your time of leisure we have a problem. I am working on this area in my life at the moment, and being really honest with you it is really hard to break bad habits. (just being real) However, I have to decide to focus my attention to other things that will empower and push me in the direction I want for my life.

They say " The world belongs to those who read" which makes total sense! You are gaining knowledge, which is the power you need. Whether you are trying to start your own business, get a promotion at work or just want to learn how to own your greatness then all of these are a must.

Below are books I am excited to dive into and read. Each of them have their own magic to them.

P.S. The one I am MOST excited about at the moment to start reading is FRIEND OF SINNERS - the pastor at my local church, a man who leads by example and crushes it day in and day out wrote this book and I know it is going to bless my life. Can't wait !!!

I want to encourage you to work on a greater goal, work on your passion and take risks. You'll be surprise of what you can accomplish when you focus and are constant in the pursuit of achieving what you want in life.






Quote of the day

Learn to love the process.


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