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Currently, I am on a high-waisted jeans high, because, well… because they pair beautifully with just about any top style imaginable, and can be dressed up with something like a top and blazer, or down with a cute tucked-in lose-fitting tee.

I am so addicted to this particular jean style at the moment, the black pair I am sporting in today’s post is definitely one of my favorite's by far. I wore this look to a casual dinner with Patrick the day before my marathon last week. We went to carb load for the run; you know I was a happy kid that day. Naturally I opted to wear my favorite basics but dressed them up with a few fun accessories.

First and foremost a bold lips color is always at the top of my must-have list. You know me, I love details, and I especially enjoy the way a bold red lip adds just a touch of color to black and white looks. Normally, I opt for a single red accessory whether in shoes, bag or lip color to make it the focal point of the look. Finishing touch – the white basic tee of course! however this particular white tee is not so basic. The pocket detail is my absolute favorite; a fun twist with the stripes and fringe to the normal white tee. An absolute must-have basic, I am in love with is pumps, paired with just about everything from evening gowns to everyday looks. Personally, I love the way pumps add just a touch of chic sophistication to a look, but also transform even the simplest of outfits into something well thought-out and pulled together!

Side-note: I am OBSESSED! with my new custom-made "MORE" bracelet. This bracelet is so special to me since I have declared this my "MORE" year; it is a constant reminder to do more in every aspect of life. The best part of this bracelet is the message behind it -

" Embrace your word, then pay it forward to a person you feel needs the message more than you." - I chose more because the definition of " more" is a greater or additional amount. More love, more fun, more blessings, more laughs, more family-time, more "me" time, more travels, more work, more confidence, more happiness, more doing the things I truly love; and the best for last more God. I truly can't wait to give this away one day and impact someone's life.

P.S. That is how my hair is naturally. Do you dig it ? lol

Thank you so much for reading, I hope your day is beautiful and you do more of what you truly love!

Quote of the day:

Love yourself more!


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