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What sets your soul on fire?

When presented with that question, I think we all assume we must come up with the most amazing and astonishing answer. But the truth is, we don’t. Maybe what sets your soul on fire is simply reading a good book (and having the time to do it.)

Lots of things set my soul on fire … like a day of giving back and volunteering time, feeding the homeless for example. One of the biggest things that sets my soul on fire is taking on a new project the new beginning feeling is the best. For me, doing new things excites me, I am a creative person and love to make things by hand that showcase my creativity. I love to be spontaneous, but yet I am a planner and enjoy planning out things to the minimum detail.

I grew up in a small town so I would use my creativity to entertain myself such as redecorating my room, organizing, making earrings/ jewelry, sewing and designing clothes, scrapbooking, cooking and bakery. I love all things pretty and I was always making something, never was watching television like the other kids. One of my favorite childhood memories is of my mom cooking, she would teach me how to make the traditional meals and then we would do the dishes together. It was our bonding time, she would always say you need to learn so you can do it when you are older by yourself; it was a satisfying time and I felt safe and secure. (It felt like home) Now I love to create yummy new recipes to share with my loved ones, family time is definitely something that ignites a fire. ( also explains why I enjoy cleaning so much )

So I’ve decided it’s time to craft a spring bucket list of things that set my soul on fire. 25 Ideas to Make Spring Awesome. I’d love it if you could join me, I’ll be posting some of my special moments on the blog in future post. Create a list for yourself.

25 Ideas to Make Spring Awesome

1. Have fresh flowers often.


3. Cook / learn a family recipe.

4. Go to a new restaurant you haven't tried.

5. Clean out closet and donate old clothes.

6. Go on a sister date.

7. Have a family game night.

8.Go thrift shopping.

9.Do a random act of kindness.

10. Refurbish old pieces of clothes and make new cool designs. D.I.Y

11. Have dinner outside in the balcony.

12. Bake a yummy dessert.

13.Take a family photo.

14. Go for a bike ride.

15. Have a girls night.

16. Enjoy the sunrise.

17. DIY a pinterest craft.

18. Read a book.

19. Get a mani/ pedi.

20. Set new goals.

21. Redecorate my room.

22. Spring cleaning/ donate.

23. Go on lots of walks.

24. Go on a picnic.

25. Do something different to your hair.

P.S. Outfit details on Instagram

Quote of the day!

Whatever's good for your soul .... do that!


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