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Happy Saturday My Loves!!!!

What is the one piece we can always go to when we want to be headache-free style wise? Dresses of course!!! Unlike jeans, tops or skirts - which all require a pairing item, a dress… you just need to slip on a pair of shoes and you are all set. The best part of it all? This summer screams so many styles - it’s a blessing!!!

Summer’s most coveted style is the mini dress. It is the ultimate beauty when it comes to summer dresses - sassy, fresh, feminine, and sexy. The mini dress is the one version of the dress that will never be out of fashion. We all love showing a bit of skin every now and then.

The perfect mini dress in my book equals one that is loose fitting, yet still can show off your curves. The key is to find a style that fits your body type and enhance that part of your body you’re totally in love with.

Today I decided to rock this dress my mom gave me last week. She bought it for herself as a shirt but wasn’t too fond of it and gave it to me. I love it!!!! The shirt fit me like a loose- bell sleeve mini dress; I paired it with a belt to show off my waistline - the final product turned out to be quite a girly outfit. When it comes to styling dresses, it’s all about the shoes and the attitude!!! AND..... of course my favorite - accessories. Dresses remain with the title of the perfect go-to piece for any occasion.

Happy Weekend and Happy Tax- Free Shopping!

Quote of the day:

Seek to be worth knowing rather than to be well known.


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