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Sweater dress and sunset view description of a perfect evening for a photo-shoot with my good friend Martin Ajpacaja. I must add that I loved all the photos he took, he did a great job. What do you guys think?

Let’s talk fashion, today I wanted to share with you a perfect fall look that is so simple yet so chic. Ladies am I the only one excited about wearing sweaters as the weather begins to get cooler this fall. Fall might just be my favorite season as far as fashion is concerned. Fall equals sweaters, denim, boots, booties, and coats the possibilities are endless. An essential piece this fall is the effortless sweater dress, this piece is so versatile and can be styled many different ways, such as adding layers, cinching the waist with a belt, going for a little sparkle with statement jewelry and or adding edgy booties. I decided to go with my favorite adding sparkle with my statement necklace. Also, sweater dresses look great with any shoe style and make a perfect effortless but polished look when paired with a stylish clutch.

To make things easy, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite tricks for wearing a sweater dress.

  1. Make sure you’re wearing posh shoes, sexy heels, over the knee boots in patent, leather or suede. Sleek feet style. Polished shoes.

  2. Add some statement jewelry, a clutch, a leather jacket, and or a classic trench. Its time to make a statement.

  3. Show some skin with bare legs and or cover up with tights as well, or even short shorts underneath if you wish.

  4. The great thing about sweater dresses is that it is an easy piece to style, a go to piece. The sweater dress is a go to for any occasion, office and weekend included. The sweater dress can be dressed up or down, it all depends on the details added that make the difference.

Your attitude determines your direction.



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