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Happy Saturday My Loves!!!

Last week I discovered a local store that has such stylish statement pieces. I rarely ever look at a store window display but this dress definitely caught my attention. This store is fashionista goals, the store's name is Garota and its located in Dolphin Mall, you can also shop their collection online

A cobalt dress is pretty much your statement piece but since I love to add that striking effect to my looks, I opted for these beautiful handmade bold red earrings and pumps to add some fun. This look has a great “vintage” vibe to it and is so bold- definitely will be turning some heads lol.

For this look, I also paired this dress with this vintage rattan bag (goals)- that my mom found for me a while back at a consignment store. I just love this piece !!! I always get asked where did I get it, never know what to answer. Do I look like I stepped out of the 60's ? or do I have that Havana look ?

Ahh I just love this look, but fashion aside this weekend I will have to run 20 miles for my marathon training.- LORD HELP ME :/ "You got this Esther. Noo, your legs aren't that tired. Yes, you can breathe. - Keep going " It's all mind over matter.

Am I the only one that gives themselves a motivational prep talk before working out? Am I sick in the head ? Haha Don't answer that please lol. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, my desire for you is to shine. Love you lots!

Quote of the day: ALWAYS be the girl who decided to go for it.


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