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Last week, I was listening to this podcast, by Steven Furtick, and it served as such an important reminder that life truly is about the little things in life. I know that statement might seem a little cliche, but then why is it so easy to forget? Especially in todays society when it’s never been easier to compare your life/your looks/your success/your social calendar to someone else’s. Even when, what you see through an edited filter, is not entirely accurate. Social media is a blessing, but I think we could all agree that it’s equally a curse. God knows, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and hours later, I’m looking at Maria’s sister, Emily, who is vacationing in Capri. Who is Maria? Who is Emily? Not a damn clue, but here I am, wishing I, too, was vacationing in Capri.

We should change our mindset and look at life like “the thin slices of joy” and be grateful for all things good and bad, small or big. ” Generally speaking, I’m a really happy person. I’ve never suffered from real depression and I try my hardest to be the “half glass full..” person; but at the same time, it’s so easy to live day-by-day and not really appreciate the little things that bring us pure joy. So I have decided to change my way of thinking and end each day with a grateful heart. It is crazy to see the effect of just doing that small practice daily will do in your life. So in the spirit of trying to work on this mental exercise, I wanted to share some little things that bring me slices of joy and that I am so grateful for.

Slices of Joy / Gratitude Practice

*My family. This goes without saying but I thank God for them, they are the best. God spoiled me by giving me them.

*Obviously, everything surrounding Patrick and dating him. He is definitely one of my greatest joys in life. He is one of a kind.

*Of course coffee, yummy food and chocolate, all three bring me such happiness. In general, that morning cup of coffee gives me life on so many different levels.

*Having things to look forward to is key for my mental happiness. Whether it’s date night with Patrick or going out with my girlfriends, or a one-on-one brunch with a close friend. I love knowing these amazing events are in my near future.

*A fresh manicure or pedicure. It makes me feel so much more put together and prettier. Grateful for nail tech's they rock!

*A clean house; the happiness this gives me is unreal.

*Fresh flowers. Love love love the feeling of having fresh flowers around the house.

*Getting a good workout in. So hard to start, but I often have to remind myself “just remember how amazing you’ll feel after.” Grateful for my honey who encourages me to always go above and beyond even when I am being a lazy head. lol

*Saturday Morning. Especially that feeling of waking up early and knowing the entire weekend is ahead of you. Weekend's are me time (grind time)

*Community so grateful for my church and the friends I do life with. They make life so much better.

*A day or night to myself. As much as I love being around those I love, I equally love time to myself. Walking around the city by myself, lunch at the bar of some restaurant or spending a night in, getting to do or watch whatever I want.

*Thankful because the best is yet to come. Grateful because I know that some of the best days of my life are still ahead.

* Positive and encouraging messages I receive daily. Thank you for so much love.

* A stranger's smile. They brighten up my day so much and it is a reminder that a smile can change someone's day. ( PS. I love happy people)


Quote of the Day : The little things ? The little moments ? They aren't little .


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