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"My mission is to inspire you visually through photos, mentally through words, and to share with you my personal style. Be different . Be bold. Be beautiful."

I was born NYC and raised in Florida by Dominican and Armenian/Cuban immigrant parents. Since I was a teen I enjoyed fashion and art. Although, I went to Business School and studied International Business and Marketing, my heart belonged to the world of art, creativity and good taste.

In The Striking Look you will find lifestyle recommendations, personal style, beauty, tips on using certain fashion trends, shopping guides and all things that inspire me. The Striking Look is a fashion blog that strives to promote expression of individual style and boost positive attention through the latest fashion trends. If I could define The Striking Look it would be defined as - A beautiful combination of style, art and inspiration.

You ask why “The Striking Look” well striking is defined as attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extraordinary, eye-catching or prominent and that is exactly what I want to encourage. The striking look promotes expressing yourself and attracting attention through your own sense of style. Being different is beautiful and through fashion you can achieve just that. Fashion, for me, is in everything and in everyone.

Style rules my world, I wake up everyday thinking of all the possible combination I can create for my daily look, and that’s what this blog is all about!

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Marketing licensed – Content Creator – Fashion Blogger – Social Media Management


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