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Happy Saturday!!

It probably looks weird that I’m wearing a sweater in June, but the weather has been so incredibly fickle these past few weeks. We’ve gone from hot beach days to many cool rainy days. Truth be told, I’d rather have the cool temps linger a little bit longer during the year than jump right into our hot and muggy Miami summers. Don't get me wrong I love the heat and sunshine, but I am not a fan of how humid it gets. lol

A mix of colors today. High waisted jean shorts with a multi-color striped sweater and platform sneakers. The hallmark of this look really is understated sport, it is all about letting the pieces speak for themselves. When you wear this, you are telling the world that you are casually striking, that the world is your runway and you comfortably enjoy it. The multi-color sweater is obviously the statement piece in this outfit, however the gold earrings don't fall far behind; they are the perfect touch to complete the outfit.

Various suggestions on how to style oversized sweaters:

  • Sweater with skinny jeans (white, black or denim) paired with ankle booties, stilettos, or platform sneakers.

  • Always add fun statement accessories to complete the look.

  • Add a dash of confident and a smile.

Sweater with shorts paired with ankle booties, stilettos, or platform sneakers.

Platform Sneakers: Zara (similar)

Jean Shorts: Zara

Sweater: Forever 21

Statement Earrings: Zara (similar)

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday!

Quote of the day !

A goal should scare you a little & excite you ALOT !


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