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By now, you’ve probably already noticed the wave of hair accessories that's taken over your Instagram feed. Hair clips, bobby pins, barrettes, scrunchies, headbands, bows…they’re majorly trending right now and I’m all for it! This trend is a total throwback to childhood- you know when our moms forced us to wear cute little hair clips and bows, but we would just end up ripping them out of our hair after five minutes (sorry mami!) Now the hair accessory trend is all grown up and taking over the runway, the red carpet and of course Instagram!

These hair accessories have taken on an undeniably cool turn, allowing you to wear them at any age. Plus, they’ll easily dress up anything you wear in a matter of seconds. Whether you consider yourself to be a classic minimalist or prefer to take on the bolder way of dressing, there are a number of brands creating the hair pieces you can pile on to complete your looks. And the best part about it all is that I did the research for you and found the cutest statement hair accessories you can buy online right now.


I’m obsessed with the pearl and rhinestone hair clips I’m seeing everywhere. I’ve worn this trend a few times and I think it’s so cool. For some edge I love these Kitschx Justine Marjan Glam Rhinestone bobby pins below and for more a feminine touch the ones I am wearing above, I found this pearl clip set on Amazon for $15! They are the cutest.


Like any fashion lover, I had a phase where Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl was definitely a source of inspiration for me. And now that headbands are trending, I’m feeling all the her vibes. Here are a few I am loving.


Another hair accessory trend blowing up on the insta is hair bows. People are tying them around messy buns and loose ponytails. I’m thinking about trying this look with a low pony! How freaking awesome is that exaggerated bow? I am a little extra sometimes, I love it.


Scrunchies are one of my hair BFFs. I tie my hair up in a scrunchie when I’m cooking or during my workout routine. But scrunchies are not only practical but totally on trend. Tons of cute ones linked below.

What’s your favorite hair accessory!? I think my favorite is hair clips!


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